Bonnie and Clyde for today’s @Sketch_Dailies! 
Blackbeard with a new baby parrot! Entry for @Sketch_Dailies! :D 
Sketched this based on a photo I saw on the Sktchy app!
Made this Tumblr banner for one of the loves of my life, Luann (@LovelyLuann)! Highly recommend that you check out her blog,, where she expresses her views on “the Asian/Asian American experience, beauty, body image, media (mis)representations, and pop culture.” Also check out her entries on Persephone Magazine, where she is a staff writer: What I love about her writing, and what I respect about her, is that her posts are so personal and she is so passionate about these topics. <3 Thanks for letting me work on the banner!
My pumpkin for Halloween 2013! :D
Quick sketch before bed. I keep falling off the wagon with sketching! :(
Latest drawing - A Mermaid!
Drew a hydralisk on my kindle fire :)
Sword and dagger practice